Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Halloween Party 2017

Ellie has been trying to talk us into family Wizard of Oz costumes since Jack came into our family. This year, her Halloween dreams finally came true. I love how our costumes turned out and we all had so much fun at our Halloween party with friends. Each of the kids has been helping plan and looking forward to this party for weeks. Bruce kept calling it his Halloween birthday party but he seems to have figured out it isn't his birthday by now but there were lots of treats and sugar regardless so win -win, right?
When Joey and I were first married we went to his parents Halloween party in their hollow and I always loved the idea and knew it's a tradition I'd want to continue from the piñata to bobbing for apples and the donuts on a string. Really though, I've always had a thing for Halloween parties. I remember when I was nine or ten years old inviting all of the kids in the neighborhood over for a Halloween costume party. I'm pretty sure my mom didn't know about the party until 30 kids showed up, but I'll have to confirm my memory on that one with her. I hosted lots of games like bobbing for apples, mother may I, and a costume competition. Anyway when the kids spearheaded this Halloween party idea, I was just like, YES! Let's get our party on.
Wicked witch of the west, tin man, Dorothy and toto, lion, the wizard and scarecrow (who refused to wear his hat).
Aren't they just the cutest?!
Waiting for party friends to arrive.
Getting ready for the party....my bathroom really looked like a tornado sped through when we were done.
My fun little babes. Patrick ran straight to the pool after this picture and jumped right in with his costume.
We could not find kenny a tin man costume that fit him and didn't make him look like a freak so we got creative and made our own. I love how it turned out way better than what we were trying to buy anyway!
Could Dorothy and this lion be any cuter?
Ada and Julian were so awesome to come play with us. They took lots of amazing pictures and made the party extra fun.
Ada and Julian made this awesome veggie tray
Kenny and Dylan ready to party
Follow the yellow brick road...
The girls all seemed to appreciate the sugar cookie decorating much more than the boys.
Oreo mummies we made for the party
Bobbing for apples
I just love how much fun the kids had at the party.
Patrick sure loves his yara.
The wizard getting the piñata ready to go!
Bruce and I worked hard making the piñata all week.
I don't know why eating donuts on a string seems so seasonally appropriate but I always find it so hilarious and adorable
Patrick likes to take himself very seriously sometimes // I only included this pic because Ellie is licking frosting off her nose. She's got skills.
Patrick's favorite hang out at the party
Ellie told me our house wasn't spooky enough for a party so we added spiders in the columns
Tin man going in
Bruce loves jumping in the pool edge, swimming to the stairs and doing it over and over and over.




Friday, October 13, 2017

Pat-a-cake Picnic

We waited for grandma party and grandpa joe joe to come to town to celebrate Patrick's first birthday with his pat-a-cake picnic. It's kind of fun that our baby named after grandma patty almost shares a birthday with her (grandma Patty's bday is April 28 and Patrick's is may 2). Patrick is a pat-a-cake expert so that seemed like a perfect name for a picnic to celebrate our two Pats. I felt bad not making more decor and such but building this current house has been killing us time and energy wise. Patrick's cuteness outshines any decor anyhow.
We love our big boy Patrick.
That face though. Mwah.
Digging and playing.
Happy birthday patch!
The tide was the lowest I'd ever seen it and Bruce loved just sitting in the shallow water splashing all night.
Our pat-a-cake babe
Grandma patty with her Patrick
We had grandma take a pic of us here but my favorite was this one right before we were posing
Patrick's new truck from grandma
Aaaalmost walking. I'm going to miss tickling and kissing these little thigh rolls that'll disappear by his next birthday.
Bruce chilling at his baby brothers birthday party


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