Friday, October 13, 2017

Pat-a-cake Picnic

We waited for grandma party and grandpa joe joe to come to town to celebrate Patrick's first birthday with his pat-a-cake picnic. It's kind of fun that our baby named after grandma patty almost shares a birthday with her (grandma Patty's bday is April 28 and Patrick's is may 2). Patrick is a pat-a-cake expert so that seemed like a perfect name for a picnic to celebrate our two Pats. I felt bad not making more decor and such but building this current house has been killing us time and energy wise. Patrick's cuteness outshines any decor anyhow.
We love our big boy Patrick.
That face though. Mwah.
Digging and playing.
Happy birthday patch!
The tide was the lowest I'd ever seen it and Bruce loved just sitting in the shallow water splashing all night.
Our pat-a-cake babe
Grandma patty with her Patrick
We had grandma take a pic of us here but my favorite was this one right before we were posing
Patrick's new truck from grandma
Aaaalmost walking. I'm going to miss tickling and kissing these little thigh rolls that'll disappear by his next birthday.
Bruce chilling at his baby brothers birthday party


Friday, July 28, 2017

Bruce's 3rd birthday party:The Traveling Train Party

Brucey has been talking about his train birthday party for months. He was sooo excited to come to Utah to celebrate. He went to the craft store with me the night before to pick out all the colors of balloons he wanted and loved all the momentum leading up to it. We met our friends at the Farmington Frontrunner station ready to ride to Ogden where they stored all the big old trains at union station. Boy was he in heaven there. The kids blew their train whistles the whole ride there so luckily we were the only passengers in the car. We literally looked like a traveling circus.
Happy 3rd birthday Brucey boo, we love you!!
Bruce making sure nobody crosses the yellow line before the train stopped.
Train whistles and the sugar cookies I made. Bruce was very specific he wanted train cookies.
The traveling train party in action
Here comes the birthday train!!
Patrick checking out the party action
All aboard!
Claire and three of her babes // grandma patty
Blue train cookie for Bruce
Family pictures at the train yard
Bruce kept telling us he wanted everyone to sing happy birthday to him, then he'd blow out his candles and everyone would clap for him!
Bruce is just the cutest ever
My cousin Annalynne and her kids were all able to meet up with us at the Union Station

Bruce was so excited to have his best friend Cayson there since he hadn't seen him since they moved back to Utah from miami. // Claire and her twins. She is always such a good sport to go along with my crazy ideas.


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