Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's tea party

We love inviting friends over to decorate sugar cookies with us around Valentine's Day every year. This year was fun because our little set up was very reminiscent of the first year we hosted it in our little Malaga apartment. Apparently Ellie was very excited to help plan for it and bake with me this year because many adults we know came up to me to ask about how Ellie's tea party went afterward. She had gone around telling anyone and everyone who would listen all about it.
I love those little duo. I hope they always stay so close.
Same picture we took at our first Valentine sweets party three years ago.
Everything Valentine's is just so pretty
Big chocolate Oreo lips we made that were quickly devoured
Decorate two, eat one and repeat was Kenny's philosophy.
Bruce pretty much slept through the party, but was excited to find a table full of sugar when he woke up
The kids invited Felix and Carolina over who are a perfect brother sister match up for them. They all four play so well together.
Carolina was in heaven, as she repeatedly told us.
Mama hanging out in the background and daddy getting into some decorating himself
Frosting with such precision
Close up of the chocolate Oreos


Friday, January 15, 2016

Ellie's watercolor birthday party

Ellie's sixths birthday party was perfectly Ellie and so much fun for our favorite little six year old. She wanted a watercolor birthday party with lots of gold this year. Then she also decided she wanted dogs at her party so we managed to fit those in as well. She invited a few of her best friends from her kindergarten class and we also had uncle Mikey's family and the Sanders over as well.
Ellie was pretty excited to use fingers from both hands to make her age. I love that since she lost her second front tooth three days before her birthday her tongue seems to find its way into all her pictures now.
Six gold candles all in a row.
Cake pop gems we made
Ellie's golden diamond piñata // the watercolored cake
Dessert table
We bought little blank white plush dogs for the kids to paint with their watercolors. They all turned out so adorable. Ellie is so proud of hers and all the gold glitter she added to it.
Cake and more sugar for the birthday girl // pretty aftermath
Watercolor canvas cookies
Bruce loved being set free with his own paint brush
Let them eat cake!
Pretty messes
The little stations we set up for each kid
Happy birthday dear Ellie
Kenny Contemplating what his canvas needs next
The pretty bunting jewel, Sarah and Ellie helped me make (actually even Kenny, Philip and Cayson got into it too)!
So proud of her birthday spread.
Ellie and Sabrina
Even Bruce made a beautiful mess
We ordered Ellie's favorite pastries and petite fours from chocolate fashion to make her day extra special
Kenny being an awesome big brother // Bruce rocking the apron
My favorite little chica
Playing in Ellie's room with her new birthday toys
Philip and Cayson painting away at the babies table
Beautiful beautiful Ellie
Kate // Ellie grooming her new American doll horses before the party
Ready for some presents!
Philip needs a Jack apparently
Piñata time. I love Ellie's face as she whacks it
Thank goodness for uncle Mikey being our tree branch.


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