Sunday, August 17, 2014

Black and White Baby Blessing

We decided to take advantage of grandma Patty and Uncle Jonny being in town and have Bruce's baby blessing on the 17th of August, the morning after we got back from Universal Studios. Joey gave our little Bruce Anthony the sweetest blessing. It was so tender and heart felt. I hope we don't ever forget the sweet spirit we felt during that blessing. 

To make the meeting even more special, Jonny was able to give his homecoming talk in sacrament (which was a fabulous message on Christ being the center of our testimonies) followed by me accompanying (on the piano) the kids singing "I hope they call me on a Mission" which was basically the cutest thing ever. I need to have them sing it again so I can record it.

I pulled together a very simple monochromatic table to celebrate along with our sloppy joes after church. We had just returned late the night before from a long weekend at Universal studios, so I kept it simple with some store bought treats. I did make some chocolate cookies and the oreo cheesecake a couple weeks in advance and froze them for Bruce's big day.
Bruce making his blessing outfit look good. Daddy blessed Bruce wrapped in this blanket from Grandma Bowden that Kenny and Ellie were both blessed in as well.
We are so in love
I just love to sit at stare at his perfect face all day long
Kenny is such a proud big brother
Cute little tuxedo details + peter pan color. So simple and so perfect.
Black + White for this happy happy day
Could Ellie look any cuter sipping her milk?! // Yummy Oreo cheesecake cake we made for the special day (Recipe)
Jack just waiting for something yummy to fall
Getting ready in the morning
Cutest little lips + cheeks + eyes + hairline + everything, obviously
Sara (our nanny) & Jorge, Grandma Patty, Ellie, Uncle Jonny, BRUCE, mommy, daddy, Yara and Kenny & Dylan up front.
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