Saturday, July 23, 2016

Happy birthday Bruce!!

I can't believe our Brucey-boo is two. He is seriously THE sweetest little babe in the entire world. We feel so dang lucky to have him in our family. He cracks us up constantly and melts our hearts always.
For his party, I wanted the theme to be just all about everything Bruce. His favorite color is orange, he LOVES suckers cookies and donuts. He is the chillest kid we have ever met and it is the cutest thing ever when he says "I am Bruce". So we went with 'I am Bruce' as a theme and it was perfect for our sweet boy.
Happy birthday Bruce. We love you times a million.
Just tasting a bit of everything before the party.
My poor mother finds sprinkles for months all over her house after I finish baking
I love how his cake turned out. It's just so Bruce.
I am Bruce!
This face.
Bruce helped me make this piƱata the morning of the party. He was so proud of it.
Bruce loved being in the spot light
Get it Bruce.
Sweet baby Patrick James
Grandma patty is always there running the behind the scenes action to make my kids birthday parties possible. I don't know what I'd do without her.
Bruce sure loves his pizza
I drive all the way to Provo bakery twice for these letter donuts. First to give them my coordinating sprinkles the again to pick them up. I was a little surprised to see some hot pink donuts in the mix (what?!) but it turned out super cute anyway.
It was so fun having so many family and friends to celebrate with us.


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