Friday, May 30, 2014

Ellie's tea party

Ellie came home from school yesterday and decided she really wanted to invite her friends over for a tea party. Luckily we had just made a trip to Trader Joe's so we had lots of cute little dainty treats in the freezer ready to go.

Ellie putting the final touches on her party table before her friends arrived
Trader Joe's sells boxes of frozen macarons! So awesome to have handy!
Little sandwiches Ellie stamped with butterfly prints // everything is cuter when it's miniature!
Enjoying her treats and sipping on her lemonade
Ellie wanted to wear this dress specifically so she could wear her little white gloves with it
Little girls at tea parties are the cutest thing ever

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo 2014

Since we are about as culturally insensitive as they come, we decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo: parte dos party this year. Nothing like a good excuse to eat lots of tacos, make every version of every piñata we can think of and invite lots of friends over to fiesta with us!

We like to fiesta
Paper dot garland tutorial on Oh Happy Day HERE
I tried to make a bunch of cactus piñatas, but after making all the shapes and stuffing them with candy, I realized they were going to take WAAAY too long to decorate the way I wanted them. So my solution was to just throw them all away. Easy fix. Since Joey is a fixer, he decided he was going to decorate them a much more simple way than I wanted. We ended up with a handful of cactii and some coordinating tamales. I was definitely impressed with his ingenuity! // We brought back the kids favorite M&M cake pops.
He made such a good Mexican with his fake stache
Our fun desserts and piñata everything
Even Jack got into the Mexican spirit // The best part about having a Cinco de Mayo party is having everyone bring a salsa or dip to share!
Kenny set the mood with a little 'La Bamba'
It's not a fiesta without the Jarritos...although I had to add a few Goyas for color since I couldn't find an actual Mexican supply store // piñata cones
Feelin' it
My round piñata cake actually worked this year! Woot!
Tutorial on a Subtle Revelry HERE
I recommend overcooking the cake a bit, using a pound cake recipe and not thinning out the inner hole too big in order to make it sturdier so it doesn't collapse like mine did last year!!
A few of us girls
Still so proud of my cake that didn't crumble this year
Kenny and a couple buddies on the tramp
Taco station
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