Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rainbows and Gold Party

We LOVE rainbows and I've been wanting to plan a rainbow party so St. Patrick's Day was the perfect excuse. We had lots of rainbow goodies, cake, push pops, chocolate covered oreos, fruit and of course our traditional corned beef dinner.

The rainbow cake was a hit!
Chocolate covered rainbow Oreos and rainbow dot garland (inspired by Oh Happy Day) were SO fun to make
Of course the leprechauns left behind little pots of gold around the house for the kids to find.
Our rainbow pancakes were a HUGE hit!
"Can I just eat my breakfast already?..."
I was so excited with how the inside of the cake turned out!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party Preview...

We are getting excited about our St. Patrick's Day rainbow themed party coming up next week! We've already started making fun treats and decorations in anticipation!

DIY dot garland HERE
Great tutorial for the chocolate covered oreos HERE

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss Party

It's always fun to use Dr. Seuss as an excuse to celebrate reading on his birthday and get a few new books to add to our collection. Our little breakfast party wasn't quite as extravagant as last year's Green Eggs and Ham party, but the kids still loved it! We had fun eating Seuss food, reading Dr. Seuss books and watching a couple of the Dr. Seuss book short films. The Dr. Seuss book look-alike cookies were probably the biggest hit with the kids. They both sorted through all the cookies and set aside their favorite titles for themselves to eat (luckily they have different favorites!).

I stocked up on Dr. Seuss crafts at Michael's during clearance time.
These little Dr. Seuss book sugar cookies were SO simple to make! I simply printed the images of the books I wanted to bake and then took the print out to Publix to have them print it on their edible paper. It does cost about $8 a sheet and I fit 8 book covers on each page. I cut the sugar cookies based on the book cover size, frosted with royal icing and placed the printed image on while the icing was still wet.
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