Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter 2014

It was fun being able to celebrate our first Easter together in our new house this year! It was also the first time we've had our own backyard to do an egg hunt for the kids since we've lived in Miami.

Easter dessert table
FREE 'Happy Easter' printable from the Caravan Shoppe HERE
Obligatory family and sibling photo. We are extra grateful this year for another little boy on the way!
Chalk board eggs this year. Kit purchased from Williams Sonoma.
This wheat grass never ceases to amaze us with how quickly it grows! The tutorial for these cute spring pots on Oh Happy Day!
On the hunt

I was so excited about my rainbow carrots.
Recipe HERE
Carrot cake has got to be the very best part of Easter dinner. It may look plain...even a bit motley, but I swear it's the best carrot cake you will ever taste! My dad found the recipe years ago online so I'm not sure of the original source but here is a copy of it: RECIPE // the kids wouldn't pose for a picture until their mouths were stuffed full of chocolate
I made the flower arrangements to match this beautiful wedding china from my mama. It all sat perfectly on one of my Grandma Beth's old lace tablecloths.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

The kids (read: Kenny) didn't appreciate me skipping over the earth day party last year so he kept reminding me every day for two weeks that it was going to be earth day and I needed to make a party for them. I love that he does that. And I love making parties for them, I just sometimes get bored of the same themes year after year. Since Kenny's new room is a map/world theme, I couldn't resist it as the perfect backdrop for an earth day party!

The funnest little party-ers that keep me going all the time
I just love Kenny's room theme!!
Party printables from One Charming Party HERE
This year we added globe and map cookies to the party mix
Einstein's bagels wrapped in maps were a huge hit
That's pure enjoyment right there!

We decided our activity for this year would be painting a bird feeder for our backyard. Ellie has been wanting one for a long time and the kids loved the project.
Yes, that's an extra sterile table cover from the OR one of the nurses pawned off on me that we threw down on the floor...perfect for messy activities!
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