Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dr. Seuss Birthday Reading Party

I was going to just skip past Dr. Seuss day this year, but the kids knew it was coming and begged me to have another Dr. Seuss party like last year. So I took the easy road and recycled all the decorations and ideas...easy peasy and they were more than ecstatic, even nostalgic about it this time around.

Our Dr. Seuss book cookies are always the highlight. We made lots and lots of extras this year to send to their school classes.
Look familiar?
A new twist on the Dr. Seuss book cookies this year...color your own Dr. Seuss cookies.  The kids LOVED this and I felt so clever making them!
Busy busy decorating
Paper sac puppets
Ellie's favorite obsession right now--foxes
Still eating the candy well into the night // reading up on foxes, Dr. Seuss style
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