Friday, December 11, 2015

Gingerbread House decorating party

The kids were eager to invite some friends over to decorate gingerbread house like last year. I agreed to bake all the houses again, regretted it when it took forever and then was very happy about it agin when my house was completely permeated with the home made gingerbread smell for a week.
Excitedly waiting for their friends to arrive
Bruce somehow snatched the beaters off the counter when I wasn't looking and was so very pleased with himself.
Ellie and her best friend Alexia
Isa and Alexia
Sugar sugar sugar
This is a very serious art
Ellie playing the piano for her friends // Bruce was elated when we gave him his own gingerbread house
It turned out he really just wanted to eat all the candy, not actually decorate a house.
The sanders // Kenny's friend, Brad
Cayson was a very dedicated decorator


Monday, September 21, 2015

CINDER-ELLIE Princess Party

Ellie and I instantly fell in love with the Cinderella live action film when it came out earlier this year. We knew we would want to have a fun celebration when it came out on video. So we got to work baking a cake, inviting some cute little princesses to join us and had a fun little tea party to enjoy the movie with.
Ellie was so anxious for her party to start all day long
The dazzling princesses
Ellie has been in love with the Cinderella wedding gown since she saw the movie. She was so excited to wear it to her party.
Our little Cinderella cake we baked
Cinderella's glass slipper holding jelly bellies. All The candy was leftover from Ellie's frozen party in December...the gum balls were a little chewy.
We used the same butterfly fondant stamp on the cake pops that we used for Ellie's third birthday party
Ellie and her favorite friend in her kindergarten class, alexia
Theater style seating right in the front room
Loving every second of it.
Must have been an intense scene
The mamas


Thursday, July 23, 2015

We'll eat you up, we love you so!

I can hardly believe Bruce's first birthday party has already come and gone! Where did that last year go??! Bruce is just the happiest baby ever and we are so lucky to have him in our home. Something about the third baby seems to make time fly by even faster than with the first two.
Bruce's first birthday party theme was based on the children's book classic "Where the Wild Things Are". It was perfect for him. Grandma Patty was in town so we celebrated a bit early with just her, our little family and good friends Yara and Dylan. Small and intimate parties are my very favorite.
One of my favorite things Bruce does right now is throw his arms above his head excitedly to cheer and wait for us to cheer with him
Where the Wild Things Are had been a party theme on my mind for quite a while. When I received Bruce's knit crown from OEUFNYC when he was born I knew this would be his party theme.
Gah. I can't believe how much we love this little guy. We talk about it every single day that we are just amazed how good and happy is ALL the time
My favorite people ever
Bruce enjoying some of his cupcake frosting.
I'm not sure how much longer Joey is going to be able to do these one arm Bruce pictures for me
I love how the party table turned out. (Yes, Joey hauled that wooden table out to the beach for me!). I wanted to use the Wild Thing theme, but keep it subtle while incorporating a tropical flair.
Mini pineapples for my floral arrangement called for a picture with Bruce.
I cut the crowns freehandedly out of a gold glitter paper, the Wild things circles right out of the book and then added some coordinating card stock circles.
Bruce chilling while we set the party up // grandma patty sharing some smoothie with the birthday boy. He sure loved it!
Dylan, Kenny and Ellie enjoying the warm ocean water
Joey is the mastermind behind our coconut smoothies. He thought it up, found he coconuts, cracked them, opened them to make bowls and gave us all the best treat we've ever experienced on the beach!! Definitely my favorite party element.
Taste testing the birthday cake
Dylan decorated the gift he and Yara brought for Bruce. He is such a great artist.
I wanted the cake to be simple and understated. It was the same coconut cake recipe we used for Kenny's baptism cake and so delicious!
I've been so in love with tropical florals since we moved to miami
My three babies. I tracked down old Wild Things t-shirts by Junkfood on eBay for Kenny and Ellie. They were perfect.
Grandma had a moment of genius and decided Bruce needed a picture in this tree. Don't worry, Bruce wasn't going to fall...I photoshopped her out!
More cake testing. I even brought a couple extra white onesies for when he got this one dirty but he kept it clean the whole time! He definitely preferred the smoothies to the cake.
Just feeling spoiled being on the beach with my cute family, mama, and good friends while enjoying our smoothies.
We put a sparkler in Bruce's cake when it was time to sing because I knew a candle would never stay lit on the beach with breeze.
Everybody LOVED the Nothing Bundt Cakes
Dylan, Kenny, Bruce, Ellie
Yara, amber, grandma Patty, Bruce
Kenny feeling pretty cool on Dylan's new scooter
The sailboat headed across the ocean was a perfectly unplanned backdrop!
Wild thing cookies I made.
I used pages from the book to glue into the front of wooden forks.
We have loved Nothing Bundt Cakes since Justin and Sherrie got me some for my birthday in San Jose so when they opened a location here I knew I needed to use them for Bruce's first birthday!!
Another one of joeys cute ideas... To order the gold letter balloons for Brucey boos birthday.


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