Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fiesta like there's no mañana

Our Cinco De Mayo party was a BLAST! We packed our little place full of friends and other families who made it all the merrier and were a hoot getting into the totally and completely politically incorrect festivities with us. Pinterest was definitely a lifesaver since I only had a few days to pull this party together.

The photo props and mustaches were a hit with everyone. I didn't get any group pictures, so I'll have to try to steal one from someone else who did.
Ahhh, the cake pops. Not a part of the plan until my first attempt at a piñata cake literally crumbled to pieces at one am the morning of the party. {Piece of crap pinterest tutorial that I swear doesn't really work...another story for later}. Anyway after letting loose a long stream of mormon curse words and chucking half the cake at the wall, I used the other half of the cake crumbles to make M&M cake pops which were DELICIOUS and adorable. So in the end I guess it was all meant to be.
Recycled dot garland from the St. Patrick's Day rainbow party and the piñata cake design I came up with that was actually good and worked {still cursing rotten scam pinterest tutorials}.
Mexican flag veggie and cheese tray {pinterest success, but really, how can you screw up a veggie tray?!}
Taco bites {delish} and individual piñata cups for everybody {took forever to make, but one of my favorite features of the party}.
I decided about 2 am that we needed mini key lime pies to go with our fiesta. They turned out surprisingly good.
What's a Mexican fiesta without Jarritos soda?! Izzy is the coolest friend ever for driving all over Miami to find a Mexican store that sells these. Totally made the party awesome. My cinnamon twist cupcakes were delish. I bought a churro maker for the party, but ran out of time and lazily used these cinnamon twist sticks I bought at Costco for the topping. I am totally addicted to them now.

Fiesta time!
Viva Meh-hee-co!!
Homemade salsa bar
Kenny was SOOO excited to have his best friend, Dylan there
More salsa Bar
Ellie busting open some piñata cups
These two definitely know how to keep a party going
SURPRISE! M&Ms in the middle of the piñata cake. Ellie was surprised and excited about it!
My favorite part of the party was the salsa bar. We had each family make some homemade salsa for everyone to try. Ellie hit up the salsa bar for Joey's guac. She's his biggest fan. 

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