Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last day of school s'mores party

On Kenny's last day of kindergarten and Ellie's last day of preschool, I wanted to have a special way for them to come home and celebrate. Luckily, our little S'mores party worked great inside because is was POURING rain all day. Seriously, when I walked outside with an umbrella I still came back drenched! Kenny and Ellie both agree that the best part of their last day of school was the teepee and marshmallows! My favorite part was the music and the silly "scary" campfire stories Kenny and Ellie entertained us with.

Love this picture of Kenny strumming along with Joey and Ellie stuffing her face with s'mores.
Practicing roasting marshmallows with their fake marshmallows over their fake campfire. They loved it.  
Showing off her creation
I don't know why we never thought to roast s'mores inside before. So addicting. We only had a couple close calls with marshmallows on fire. 

Roasted or not, marshmallows are delicious
Because I don't take enough pictures like this at EVERY single party. ;)
Just because the first one was so's another
Happy Last day of School!!

And another picture for good measure...
Kenny and Ellie were excited to help me make donut trays to share with their friends on the last day of school!
I loved making these because it was such a little amount of effort for a big impact. 

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