Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ellie's preschool graduation party

I wanted to have a fun little party for Ellie and a few of her friends from preschool as one final hoorah together. Most of them will be continuing on in the same kindergarten class so we will still see them next year as well. Ellie wanted cake, a waffle bar and lots of sprinkles at her party so that's exactly what we did. I used some of the same decorations and ideas from Kenny's preschool graduation party three years ago.
I was going to print out a big fancy backdrop, but then it occurred to me to use Ellie's artwork she made in preschool. I love how it turned out and how special it made it for her. Ellie loves to draw, paint and create in any way she can think of. It's so fun to watch her little brain work and see the things she comes up with.
This little sign has been in the frame since Kenny's party // excitedly waiting for her friends to arrive
Waffles and sugar galore
We also borrowed the idea of the graduation caps from Kenny's preschool party
One of my favorite pieces Ellie painted this last year
Ellie knows how to load on the good stuff
We even had a couple friends along for Kenny's entertainment
Of course Ellie's very best friend was there eager to clean up any stray sprinkles
Blanca Ixchel, Alexia, Ellie
Ellie and Colton


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