Friday, December 6, 2013

Hot cocoa party

A hot cocoa party was the perfect way to ring in the Christmas season this year. We cranked up the air conditioner and invited some friends to come over after the Coral Gables city tree lighting ceremony. It was a blast all night long. 

I just love holiday baking
Winter Wonderland backdrops from the Caravan Shoppe HERE
Red velevet cheesecake is always a holiday favorite! RECIPE
This donut tree is just a bunch of Dunkin Donuts attached to a foam pyramid with toothpicks. I don't recommend Dunkin Donuts to anyone, so if you have a better source to find donut holes, by all means use those!
Hot cocoa fixins
Lots of friends and yummy treats...great time to bust out the ole' guitar
The best party about throwing Christmas parties is that our house is already decorated for the theme
Slightly different angle
We invited everyone to bring a favorite holiday treat to share. We had way too much, but it was sure fun to taste everything!
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