Friday, March 25, 2016

St. Patrick's day 2016

St. Patrick's day is always a fun little holiday to use as an excuse to eat sugar for breakfast and conrned beef for dinner. The kids love these little holidays and I love trying to make them extra fun for them.
Marshmallows in pancakes actually turned out to be a delicious addition. Who would have thought?!
After catching Bruce red-handed picking all the marshmallows off the cake he gives me his typical "where did it go?!" Shrug. He cracks me up everyday. Ellie didn't find it nearly as humorous as I did.
Kenny is such a good brother to always play along with Bruce. Bruce loves using magic wands to make people jump or fall down.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss 2016

We love celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday and reading every year with a fun little breakfast. Of course, we have to make our traditional cookies as well. Ellie felt like a superstar this year walking into her kindergarten class with the book cookies for everyone.

This picture cracks me up

Ellie loves the idea of green eggs with her ham but she sure hates eating them

Ellie picked up this Dr. Seuss t shirt from universal studios last year just for Dr. Seuss day because it reminded her of her book cookies.

It may look the same every year, but I think that's what the kids love about it

Leftovers in the lunch box



Friday, March 4, 2016

Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale

The kids both really want to buy Heelys because they seem to be the hot shoes at their schools right now. For the last month they have been planning and baking (well, Ellie has been baking as she wisely assigned Kenny to be in charge of lemonade). They were so excited the day of their big sale came. We set up shop out behind daddy's office building which was a great location! People were so generous. After a couple hours they came home with $91, which is more than halfway to their goal after tithing. They look forward to one more weekend of good sales to finish earning the money they need.





And a few more photos from their follow up weekend of sales to finish earning their money:

All in all they earned plenty of money for both pairs of Heelys and all their tithing with quite a bit leftover so the decided to buy Dylan a pair to surprise him when he gets here this summer and save the rest!


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