Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse

I've had Ellie's first princess birthday party planned out since before she was conceived. Unfortunately for me, this girl already knows what she likes...and it isn't princesses. Mickey Mouse holds a special spot in her heart only second to daddy. So after months of planning a princess party and sending all my supplies to decorate her princess cake to Utah, I caved and changed tracks to plan a Mickey Mouse party a couple days before.

We celebrated her birthday on the first of January because of all the wedding festivities on her real birthday.
Since Ellie is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it seemed like the most appropriate design for her. Pretty much anything that could possibly go wrong while baking and decorating a cake happened to me. I was near ready to throw this cake against a wall and just buy one from the store the morning of the party, but it finally starting coming together (though never as fabulous as I had envisioned it...). Even the Mickey Mouse cake pops were a near disaster for Jonny and me.

Ellie was so lucky to have so many family members and friends come to celebrate with her. (Sorry EVERY picture is so blurry- I left my camera on the wrong setting).
Ellie cried when we cut the cake (probably because she was hungry) and cried even harder when Connyr busted the pinata open. She loved her little Mickey Mouse pinata and helped me stuff each piece of candy with love. She got over it when we gave her a sucker though.

Thanks to everyone for coming to help us celebrate!

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