Monday, December 10, 2012

Holy Birthday Cake, Batman!

This Batman Party was by far my favorite ever to plan. Kenny was also eagerly helping me plan out his personal touches in the months leading up to the party. I wanted to stick to a more traditional batman theme so we incorporated lots of old original comic book pictures I had purchased on Ebay and also stuck to the tradition blue and yellow coloring.
Where to start?....the batman posters I just purchased cheap on Amazon to use as backdrops. The frames are just cheap poster frames from Wal Mart.
The cake pop stands I actually made out of 8x8 square cake dummys and and the symbols were cut out with the Batman Cricut cartridge.
The Skyline boxes were from Potter Barn Kids when they went on clearance.
The flat white platters are from CB2.
The pennant and circle banners I made out of cardstock and old vintage comics I ordered on Ebay in a big lot. I believe I cut them to 7x9 inches.
This cake was so much fun! The were modeled after Kenny's favorite Batman toys he plays with and the inspiration for the cake design as well as most of this party was from the Party Dress blog. Definitely some good stuff going on over there!
The cupcakes were simple enough. For the fondant toppers I used my batman wing cutter I found on Ebay and just cut the BAM! and POW! circles by hand. The wrappers were just standard wrappers I cut out, but the designs were also from the Batman Cricut Cartridge. 
The candy cones I made by rolling up 6x6 inch card stock and hot gluing them to extra large sucker sticks found at Michael's.
The cake pops were just standard with fondant molded as I went to get the effect I wanted. This design was also inspired by the Party Dress blog.
I always love to make my own treats, but you can also order a much more professional looking version of these chocolate covered oreos from Sweeties by Kim on Etsy. The tutorial I used to make these can be found HERE.
Family shot with Ellie poking her eyes out...
For the Thank you table (inspired by The Party Dress) I made the Kenny banner using just the Batman Cricut Cartridge.  I bought coordinating candy from a local wholesaler and offered the guests cellophane bags to fill as they left with their Batman prize buckets.
These cake toppers were cut out with the Batman Cricut cartridge
A couple months before the party I had snapped a couple shots of Kenny in his batman costume for the backdrop.
This was my first attempt at making sugar cookies with royal icing. It was very time consuming, but I was pleased enough with the results. Sweet Sugar Belle teaches you everything you could ever possible want to know about baking and decorating sugar cookies.
Then fun comic fabric runner I used came from True Legends Fabric store online.
I found the little Batman buckets for the 'thank you' table at Target, the wristbands and batarangs from Party City. I ordered the gum balls from Oh! Nuts and the coordinating sixlets from a local wholesale candy shop here in Miami. The candy jars are from Ikea.

I made the little extra cake on this table just to add balance and a little more color. The paper toppers I made with the Batman Brave and Bold Cricut cartridge.

These block letters were one of my favorite decorations at the party. I ordered paper mache letters from Create for Less and then just cut out the old comic books I ordered on Ebay and attached the sheets with mod podge.
My mom whipped up all these black capes for the kids. The batwings were painted on with yellow fabric paint.
The Villain Stomp
We did a Villain Stomp in lieu of a pinata this year. My husband blew up about 80 balloons stuffed with little candies. The kids were told they were the Villains and once they killed the Villain (stomped the balloon) they would get their reward.
More fun Batman cupcakes. The batman fondant cutouts were from a cutter I found on Ebay. The Batman and Joker faces in the background were from the cricut cartrige I cut out.
Blowing out the birthday candles. The mask he is wearing in this picture is just a cheapo one my mom found at Wal Mart.
I was SO excited to surprise the birthday boy with this dedicated Batman bouncer for the party. I found it here in from D&F Bouncers in Miami.
I cut these felt masks out using this free template here.
The invitations were one of my favorite touches to the party. All the cutouts were with the Cricut Batman cartridge except the skyline, which I used the Plantin' Schoobook cartrige for. The background of the inner center was from the old comic books I ordered on Ebay.

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