Friday, January 10, 2014

My Little Pony Rainbow Sprinkle Party

Ellie has had her birthday theme picked out for nearly a year now. My Little Pony has been her favorite for the last year and to Ellie, anything tastes better with sprinkles so there was nothing more fitting for her.
It's actually really fun planning a party for a 4-year-old girl because she gets so excited about all the prep work and is constantly in the kitchen with me baking and thinking of new ideas. I figure if I put in my time now letting her help, then someday she will actually speed up the process instead of slow it down ;) .

Ellie's birthdays always end up being more of a whimsical style. It seems to fit her personality. 
Sprinkles, sprinkles everywhere
The family shot would not be complete without one of Ellie's ponies in her face
Cake decorating table
These little felt ponies took me FOREVER to make, but Ellie loved them so it was worth it (kinda sorta). I would definitely recommend using a sewing machine instead of stitching them all by hand like I did. We made enough for each girl to take one home with her.
Tutorial Here 
These ice cream cone cake pops were by far the cutest of the treats
Waiting for all her little friends to arrive
I covered these Papier-mâché letters in rainbow jimmies for a fun backdrop 
We made each girl a baking apron with a my little pony picture on it for her to decorate as we waited for all the guests to arrive
Ellie decided she wanted a blue apron to be like rainbow dash
Ellie took all her friends outside to jump on her new trampoline
Ellie didn't like to stop and pose with her pony, but we still snuck a few shots in
Grandma Patty flew all the way from Utah just to be there for Ellie on her big party day. We sure love grandma.
All the little cake plates lined up for the girls to decorate their own cakes on
Ellie hard at work making her masterpiece
I was surprised how long these girls lasted decorating their cakes. They put so much thought into each one, it was adorable!
More fun cakes
Their finished products
Pony races outside
Treat cups to thank the girls for coming
Ellie got SUPER shy when everyone sang happy birthday. She wouldn't even blow out her candles! I guess there is a first for everything...normally we have to relight them five times until she's happy.
Four little candles all in a row
Piñata time
My little pony sugar cookies we made
Caught sneaking a few more gumballs
Kenny was such a good sport even though it was "just a girl party"
Ellie decided to dive into her cake face first
Such a fun little party
We sure love our Ellie!

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