Friday, December 11, 2015

Gingerbread House decorating party

The kids were eager to invite some friends over to decorate gingerbread house like last year. I agreed to bake all the houses again, regretted it when it took forever and then was very happy about it agin when my house was completely permeated with the home made gingerbread smell for a week.
Excitedly waiting for their friends to arrive
Bruce somehow snatched the beaters off the counter when I wasn't looking and was so very pleased with himself.
Ellie and her best friend Alexia
Isa and Alexia
Sugar sugar sugar
This is a very serious art
Ellie playing the piano for her friends // Bruce was elated when we gave him his own gingerbread house
It turned out he really just wanted to eat all the candy, not actually decorate a house.
The sanders // Kenny's friend, Brad
Cayson was a very dedicated decorator


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