Friday, January 2, 2015

Ellie's Frozen Birthday Party

Ellie had been anxiously anticipating her Frozen birthday party for almost a year! She was so excited when it worked out that we got to celebrate in frozen Utah with snow all around! We rented out the ice rink at Station Park in Farmington and had lots of cousins, grandparents, family and friends there to help Ellie celebrate her special day. Year five is starting out pretty good for this little chica.
Ellie excitedly waiting to greet her party guests.
So much fun learning to ice skate together
Snowflake cookies and sugar iced cake
I loved having the snow-covered mountains mountains in the background of the cake table next to the ice rink.
So much fun going around and around again
FIVE candles, can you believe it?!
Ana, Olaf and Elsa cupcakes // skating with daddy
Blowing out the candles...which we were lucky even stayed lit for a split second to blow out finally. Ellie was a good sport.
I made all the snowflake cookies and chocolate oreos in Miami and packed them in a carry on to Utah. Some people say I'm crazy, I say genius.
Satisfied face after powdered donuts // Setting up
I love that the fountains were shooting up constantly right behind us
Ellie learning to skate with the ice princess
So much fun skating with grandma
London, Kenny, Todd, Ellie
Daddy fitting Ellie's skates // Chocolate covered frozen oreos
Hot cocoa bar was a necessity
Daddy and Uncle Jonny
My cousin Kimberly brought her cute family // Uncle Corey and cousin Korrin
The ice princess doing a little routine for us. Katherine's mom is in Grandma Patty's ward and arranged for her to help us out with the party. She was perfect.
Joe sporting a double stache // Ellie arranging the candles on her cake with grandma
Round and round they go
Katherine the ice princess // Uncle Jonny looking good
Where there is chocolate there will be Joe Joe
My cousin Annalynne's cute family // Kenny's turn with the ice princess. Katherine did such a great job helping all the kids.
Lots of Joey's family
Oreo truffle pops // Cousin Parker
Since we were in Utah we obviously couldn't pass up another excuse for Tasty's donuts
Enjoying oreo pops // Goody bag packated to go
Skating train
Grandma Patty and Ellie
I was gong for a more simple but elegant look on the cake. Ellie just loved that it was covered in sugar rock candy.
Slightly different angles
Behind the scenes action // I've never had to transport a three-tier cake. Jonny and I almost dumped it over in the back of the Jeep more than once
The Official Invite


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