Friday, March 4, 2016

Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale

The kids both really want to buy Heelys because they seem to be the hot shoes at their schools right now. For the last month they have been planning and baking (well, Ellie has been baking as she wisely assigned Kenny to be in charge of lemonade). They were so excited the day of their big sale came. We set up shop out behind daddy's office building which was a great location! People were so generous. After a couple hours they came home with $91, which is more than halfway to their goal after tithing. They look forward to one more weekend of good sales to finish earning the money they need.





And a few more photos from their follow up weekend of sales to finish earning their money:

All in all they earned plenty of money for both pairs of Heelys and all their tithing with quite a bit leftover so the decided to buy Dylan a pair to surprise him when he gets here this summer and save the rest!


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