Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Star Wars Birthday

We have been planning on a Star Wars birthday party for Kenny since the moment his Toy Story Party ended last year! Seriously. So needless to say, we've been pretty stoked about it for a while. Luckily it lived up to his expectations and Kenny had a blast. When we were getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday" one of Ken's little friends, Sage, turned around and shouted "This is the best party EVER!". It was hilarious. So without further adieu, here are some of the highlights of the best party EVER!

The Invitations
I totally tried to hire a graphic designer to make these invitations, but nobody ever got back to me. Soooo I had to figure out how to make them myself. I made them way back in August since I wouldn't have enough time this semester. I was quite proud of them. Would it be weird to frame one for Kenny? ;)

 The spread. 
I had so much fun designing all the little table decorations for Ken and making the pom poms. 

 The cakes
This little R2D2 took a lot longer to make than I had anticipated. At last minute Kenny told me he decided he wanted a General Grievous cake instead of R2D2. So being the awesome mom that I am, I told him heck no. I had put way too much time into researching how I was going to get the R2D2 with the correct dimensions and all. Then I started feeling guilty because it was technically his party so I made a couple extra round cakes and slapped a general grievous toy on top of it. My mom was awesome enough to cover it in fondant for me while I was fighting with R2D2 to make him look right. And yes, Kenny was quite pleased with our efforts.

 Kenny proud of his birthday spread.
If you blow the picture up you can see the giant rain pelting away at us.

 Jedi Training Academy
The Jedi Master, Joey, came out in his Jedi robes to instruct the young padawans in the ways of the lightsaber.
Did I mention my super amazing, talented, awesome mom made all of these padawan robes for all the kids??! Isn't she the best?

 First Mission: Destroy the Death Star
The kids had tons of fun attacking the Death Star with their lightsabers, but we had to pull out a big stick for them to bust the candy out.

 All the young padawans gathered around the Death Star

 Final mission: Defeat Darth Vader
a.k.a. Ken's version of heaven. Ken had a perm-a-grin the whole time he was battling Darth Vader

 The young padawans were victorious at last!

 Ellie was devastated when she realized Darth Vader was her father and he was being destroyed by the Jedi

 Other than that minor incident, the padawan princess had tons of fun at the party always pumping her fist in the air and shouting "STAR WARS"! So cute.

 Dress 15 kids up like padawans + give them all light sabers + set them loose in a bounce house = one awsomely wild time (+/- a few injuries).

Our super yummy lightsaber treats and thank you gifts.

All in all it was an awesome party with lots of awesome company. I definitely couldn't have pulled it all together without my mama. And big kudos to Joey for being a good sport and dressing up in an insanely hot costume (plus a ski mask!!) in super hot and humid weather to be attacked by 20 kids with light sabers.

And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY!!!!
We love you so much! I can't imagine how dull our lives would be without this lively boy.

Most of my party inspiration came from Here and Here

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