Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Everything Ellie Birthday Party

We celebrated Ellie's 2nd birthday yesterday with a few friends. I've had her party dress for almost a year now and the party theme "Everything Ellie" was designed around Ellie's whimsical and fun personality.

Ellie making her grand entrance excited to see all the balloons, suckers and other treats she loves.

Ellie loved hearing everyone sing to her and was eager to blow out her candles right on cue.

Loving her balloons. The kids have been running around and playing with the balloons nonstop.

Ellie with Grandma Patty
Nate, Claire and cute Norah. Claire is eight months pregnant and hardly looks it!

Mama and 'da'eee-uh' with the birthday girl. No time to stop eating candy for a quick picture.

Ellie being a diva and crying because Preston finally broke her piƱata.

Ellie had an average of 3 suckers in her mouth at all times.

The guac boys. Super out of focus, but I could't trash the picture because even blurry, these are some good lookin' boys. They made an awesome guacamole dip! I think Joey has finally mastered the art of the guac dip and I can't wait for more!

I must say how amazing my brother Jonny is. Jonny was awesome helping me get ready for the party. He totally helped me decorate all the cupcakes, set up and get everything clean.

Helping themselves to some sugary goodness.

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