Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Day Celebration

It was about time for another party for us, so we had a fun little Earth Day celebration and luncheon after church today with a few friends from our ward. The kids helped me make the decorations all week. Their favorite part was painting the globe (along with the table and their clothes). 

Ellie has been walking around all day singing 'happy birthday' because the whole Earth Day/Birthday thing seems to be a little confusing to her. Either way, she was excited for an excuse to party
The party got two thumbs up from Kenny. I love how much fun he makes our lives.
I may have had a little too much fun planning all the details. Joey was awesome and got all these great shots for me while I was setting the lunch up.
 Kenny was super excited to plant his little cilantro seeds. Call me crazy for setting the kids free with a giant bag of dirt in the house, but our little party got rained out (like everything else this weekend) so we had to hang out inside. We made little eggshell cups to plant the seeds in. It's actually a pretty cool thing I read about online... you can plant the eggshell directly in the ground and it's supposed to dissolve into natural fertilizer.
Ellie was more interested in playing the dirt than anything, but she managed to plant a few seeds!
Time to sit back and wait for some cilantro to grow.
*Party inspiration and printables come from One Charming Party. Love those party planners over there!

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