Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter was lots of fun to celebrate with the kids this year. As always, they managed to make the holiday infinitely more fun than it would have been without them. We are so grateful for our savior and his sacrifice for us to make it possible for us to be able to spend an eternity with these two party animals. (Betcha didn't think Savior and party animals could go together in one sentence--they can).

In their Sunday best feeling fab and ready to twist and shout!
I sort of developed a bit of a chalkboard theme with the Easter dinner. We had a lovely evening with a few of the couples from our ward over. It's always nice to have some faux family to hang out with around the holidays.
The Kinder eggs we ordered in from the U.K. were a huge hit with the kids this year.
Confetti eggs were as much fun as they were messy.
I made some fun little bunny jars for the Easter candy this year. So fun. Word of advice: DON'T, i repeat, DO NOT use old pickle jars...two of the candy jars ended up just being decoration instead of edible treats because of the permeating pickle smell. Yuck!! But nonetheless, they were adorable and so fun. I used the Schleich bunnies, super glue and cheap spray paint from Home Depot.
Kenny and Ellie at dinner + hard boiled eggs
More chalkboard fun
I was so excited my wheatgrass actually grew! We were amazed as we watched it grow at least an inch a day!! I painted the little pots and then penned some spring poem lines on each one as shown by Oh Happy Day!
I even turned an ugly old cake platter into a chalkboard platter for the carrot cake with some leftover chalkboard paint.

Happy Easter!

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