Friday, April 5, 2013

Pop-up Beach Party

I feel like the luckiest girl alive right now. Joey managed to throw an amazing surprise pop-up party for my birthday this weekend after we went paddle boarding. It was an amazing site to pull up onto the beach with my paddle board to see this display. Even then I had no clue it was all for me until they told me! Izzy made all the gorgeous flower arrangements, Joey made the delicious cake and he had an amazing lunch catered in from a great vegan restaurant downtown. It was a perfect party with the best of company. I love my Joey so so much!

Look at this cake! I am still SOOO impressed he made this! I mean look how level it is and how pretty it looks against the ocean in the background. Who knew we had a secret cake decorator hanging out in these parts?!

Thanks for throwing the best surprise party ever, babe!

//Arriving at the fiesta via paddle boards. Like I said, BEST PARTY EVER!! (and even better because I didn't plan a single bit of it!)

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