Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss 2015

Ellie is at such a fun age to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day this year. She has been looking forward to this for months. She was just as sweet as could be decorating cookies to share with her preschool class and when she woke up the morning of his birthday it may as well have been Christmas for her! Kenny loves that we celebrate at home, but was disappointed to find that the older he gets the less celebrating they do in school for Dr. Seuss.
Ready to enjoy some green eggs and ham.
I know it's basically the same every year but I think that's what the kids love about it. Plus it's the only time I'll buy goldfish so it's extra exciting.
I refuse to eat these but the kids love them.
Can you tell she is recreating the picture in the book before Sam's friend tried the green eggs and ham?!
Ellie's handiwork
Her highly anticipated breakfast. We were running behind so Kenny had to eat his in the car on the way to school.
Ellie insisted on including her kitties grandpa Doug brought her.
Apparently Bruce didn't understand he wasn't supposed to eat the cookies until we got a decent picture.
I just love the Pride beaming in Ellie's eyes. She did a great job decorating the cookies.


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